This website is related to the work of the Company Christoph Winkler. It’s an archive of dance theater, music, and life.



Her Noise

An interdisciplinary collaboration with the Dortmund Opera and WUK performing arts 29. - 31. December 2021 Radialsystem - Berlin As a follow-up project to The Voice That You Are, created in 2018/19, the installative performance Her Noise by the Christoph Winkler Company is now about the female voice, which deals with various aspects of female voices and creates a choreographic concert. details

Shut up and dance

age 9 and up 18. July 2021 LOFFT Leipzig Christoph Winkler’s second piece for a young audience addresses the same topics of interest that also fuel his choreographic works for adults: the relationship between language and dance, the ways in which everyday movements become dance and the role of diversity in society. details
photo © Dieter Hartwig

It’s all forgotten now

A performative Mixtape for Mark Fisher 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. June 2021, 20:00 Dringeblieben 23. – 29. November 2020 Sophiensaele With this project the company is now trying to create a performa4ve mixtape, which deals with some aspects and concepts of Mark Fisher. details
© Moses Teflon


23 November 2020 The project "Environmental Dances" deals with the question of whether the specific body knowledge of dance cultures can be used to achieve a less destructive way of dealing with nature and ecosystems. details