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Urban Soul Café

It is possible to dance a haka version of the “Goldberg Variations”? What happens when a liking for Taylor Swift meets Yvonne Rainer’s “No-Manifest”? For answers, come to the Urban Soul Café. more

Still of the Production 'La Fille'

La Fille

Portrait of a Child

"La Fille - Portrait of a Child" is a very personal solo about a difficult father-daughter relationship. more

Still of the Production 'Black Cyborg'

Black Cyborg

or If I Had a Heart for Whom Would It Beat

„But they fed me so many new memories...“ (New Titans #128) Victor Stone aka Cyborg is one of the few Black super heroes in the DC Comics universe. In the Teen Titans and Justice League series, he embodies numerous stereotypes and fantasies by "white supremacy" regarding the "Black man". Yet aside from racist discourses, Victor Stone also represents a specific utopia – he is a cyborg, literally a shining example of new, technically improved humanity. In Black Cyborg, Berlin choreographer Christoph Winkler and African-American dancer-performer and DJ Zen Jefferson expose the character’s matrix, as they deconstruct and translate it into another corporeal symbolism – into liquid body language. more

Still of the Production 'Routines – Good Kids Don’t Dance'

Routines – Good Kids Don’t Dance

Step to the right, step to the left, turn and pose. One more step to the right, step to the left, turn and pose. more


Christoph Winkler works with a wide array of different dancer-performers. See here for an overview of all dancers. Every dancer is also directly linked to all productions that they performed in.


See here for an overview of all Christoph Winkler productions. Every production page features detailed information on the production, as well as all dates and dancers. 

About Christoph Winkler

Christoph Winkler, born in Torgau/East Germany, was a multiple Spartakiad winner in the disciplines weight-lifting and judo and studied breakdance and martial arts, before being selected for classical ballet training as a teenager. more