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Vita von Aloalii Naughton Tapu

Picture of Aloalii Naughton Tapu

Aloalii Naughton Tapu

Aloalii is an artist from Otara, South Auckland, New Zealand. He frequently works in Berlin, Germany and Auckland, New Zealand. He is passionate about the character development of young people in South Auckland and has previously worked as a mentor and academic coach in South Auckland. Aloalii holds a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Dance from UNITEC, New Zealand.

Throughout his career alongside his wife and collaborator, Tori Manley-Tapu, Aloalii has developed a passion for dance-theatre and film. Since 2015, he has been developing his movement workshops Lofty Release and Unlocking Rhythm and has been facilitating them in Europe and New Zealand.

In November 2016 he was awarded the Der Faust Award in the "Best Dancer" category in 2016 for his performance in Urban Soul Cafe, which is considered the highest honour in German Theatre. Since 2015 he has been dancing and collaborating with German choreographer Christoph Winkler.

Reviewers from New Zealand, Germany and France have commented on Aloalii's charm, presence, sincerity and spontaneity in performances.

Productions: It's all forgotten now (2020), Speak Boldly: The Julius Eastman Dance Project (2018), Routines – Good Kids Don’t Dance (2017), Urban Soul Café (2016), Studies on Post-Colonialism (2016), Dancing Like A White Guy (2016), Golden Stars on Blue (2015)