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Vita von Robert Ssempijja

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Robert Ssempijja

Ssempijja Robert is a Ugandan dance artist that uses a combination of Ugandan traditional dance, Breakdance and techniques of contemporary dance in his art. He is schooled in techniques from Burkina Faso and is currently working towards a diploma in dance at Ecolé des Sables in Senegal. Ssempijja uses his knowledge in dance in a professional area, but he also is a great part of developing contemporary dance in Uganda due to his voluntary work with dance practice for kids in Uganda and by sharing his knowledge with ugandan professional dancers.

Ssempijja was born in Kampala, Uganda in 1994. He was always a mover but did not realize he was a dancer until he was 12 years old when he was given the opportunity to be in a dance club at Bativallay Primary School. Since then he has always been dedicated to spreading the knowledge he possesses to others. He also runs an art foundation for kids in a community in Kampala, called and he is a trained yoga instructor.

After his first semester at Ecolé des Sables, he came home to Uganda and found that he lacked an arena in East Africa to meet and share skills with other dancers. After discussing their concerns, he began working towards building the organization

Productions: Fan Fic Festival (2019), A Hey A Ma Ma Ma (2019), Boards that Mean the World / Embawo Ezitegeza Ens (2018)