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Vita von Robert Ssempijja

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Robert Ssempijja

ROBERT SZEMPIJJA is a dance artist from Uganda. His style connects traditional dance from Uganda with breakdance and contemporary dance techniques. His training includes techniques from Burkina Faso and currently he strives for his dance diploma from the Ecolé des Sables in Senegal. Ssempijja uses his dancing knowledge for professional work, but is also an important protagonist of the growing contemporary dance scene in Uganda because of his voluntary work with children and his willingness to share his knowledge with other Ugandan dance professionals.

Ssempijja was born in 1994 in Kampala, Uganda. He always had a great joy of movement, but discovered his destiny as a dancer only with 12 when he joined a dance group at Bativallay Primary School.

Since then he has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge with others. He leads also runs an art foundation for children in Kampala ( and is a trained yoga teacher.

After his first semester at the Ecolé des Sables, he went to Uganda and found that he lacked a space in East Africa to meet other dancers and share their experiences. Since then he is working at the establishment of such an organisation, taking into account of all their needs:

Productions: It's all forgotten now (2020), Fan Fic Festival (2019), A Hey A Ma Ma Ma (2019), Boards that Mean the World / Embawo Ezitegeza Ens (2018)