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Still of the Production ChoreOdyssee


This piece was commissioned by the Compagnie Palindrome based in Stuttgart (Frieder Weiß, Robert Wechsler)


Still of the Production 'ChoreOdyssee'
Still of the Production 'ChoreOdyssee'
Still of the Production 'ChoreOdyssee'

About the Piece

The idea was to examine the Odyssey from a female perspective. For this project, Christoph Winkler brought together a wide range of very different performers and cooperated with media philosopher Martin Carlé and visual artist Joulia Strauss. Thanks to this collaboration, archaeological findings from Friedrich Kittler’s expedition to the Sirenusas of Li Galli were incorporated into the piece.


Idea: Babis Panagiotidis | Concept&Choreography: Christoph Winkler | Dance: Gabrielle Reuter, Janine Joyner, Bettina Thiel, Fleur Conlon | Medium: Joulia Strauss | Media: Frieder Weiß, Moritz Mattern, Martin Carlé.

A production of Frieder Weiß and Babis Panagiotidis in collaboration with der Tafelhalle Nürnber