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Vita von ed physical theatre

Foto von ed physical theatre
mit Christoph Winkler & Peter Trabner©VladimirLupovskoy

ed physical theatre

"ed physical theatre"-the project created in spring 2006 by independent young choreographers and dancers. Today the theatre is Alexander Ljubashin, Alisa Panchenko, Artem Ignatyev and Tatyana Tarabanova. Each of them has a solid operational experience with the international projects, teaching activity, participation in numerous festivals, including festival in Potsdam (Germany), master classes on the modern dance techniques, cooperation with the Maryinsky Theater, Comic-Trest, Vyacheslav Polunin, ballet theatre of the St.-Petersburg Conservatory, ballet troupe of Mihajlovsky theatre, Boris Eifman's ballet, "Do-theatre", "Kannon Dance" school. Founders of the ed physical theatre studied, created and taught in USA, Germany, Greece, Japan, Israel, Holland, Finland, Sweden, France, Austria.

Produktion: True Style (2010)