This website is related to the work of the Company Christoph Winkler. It’s an archive of dance theater, music, and life.



We Are Going To Mars – a choreographic concert

06. - 09. April 2023 Sophiensaele - Berlin 07. - 10. April 2022 Sophiensaele - Berlin The choreographic concert We Are Going To Mars follows the two video works of the same name by the company Christoph Winkler, which celebrated their online premiere in November 2021: In a mixture of video, dance and music, the participating artists examined the history of the first African space programme in Zambia and its reception over the past 50 years. They also build a bridge to the work of the Afro-American musician Sun Ra, who developed his credo "Space is the place" at the same time. details

Mapping Environmental Dance 22. - 24. August 2022 Dock 11 Eden***** 18. June 2022 Tanzkongress 2022 - KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz 29. December 2021 Launch of the Environmental Dance website The interactive website combines knowledge of the earth's climatic changes with traditional and contemporary dances from around the world that reflect human beings and their integration into nature. The aim of Environmental Dance is to make climate change tangible and visible on different levels, using dance, scientific data and personal testimonies from many countries around the world. details