This website is related to the work of the Company Christoph Winkler. It’s an archive of dance theater, music, and life.



Songs & Dances about the Weather

05. - 08. October 2023, 20:00 / Sonntag 18:00 Ballhaus Ost - Berlin The project combines stories about African rainmaking rituals with the poetic representation of climate data of melting glaciers in Europe. In this way, two phenomena of "disappearance" are brought into connection and made tangible with the help of three-dimensional projections. details

Radical Minimal

13. - 14. October 2023 STANDPUNKT.e - Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik - München 05. May 2023, 18:00 Seaside Cottage Theater - Barriga Lagos 20. - 21. October 2022 Kühlhaus - Berlin 15. October 2022 Deutscher Tanzpreis 2022 - Aalto-Theater - Essen With its new project “Radical Minimal”, the Christoph Winkler Company of Berlin seeks new perspectives on the interplay between minimal music, contemporary dance and diversity. To this end, the artists will examine three well-known, classically abstract pieces of minimal music and reinterpret them using their own, thematically oriented choreographies: “Come Out” by Steve Reich, “Coming Together” by Frederic Rzewski and “Stay on It” by Julius Eastman. The development of the choreographies will tie into their reception history in music and dance, as well as their connection to the American civil rights movement. details

Shut up and dance

age 9 and up 10. 11. 12. December 2023, 16:30 / 10:00 TANZKOMPLIZEN im Podewil - Berlin 21. - 27. February 2022 TanzZeit - Berlin 18. July 2021 LOFFT - Leipzig 28. - 29. - 30. November 2019 Schillertheater | Werkstatt - Berlin 17. November 2019 Made in Germany | Theaterhaus Stuttgart 16. - 17. October 2018 Theater an der Parkaue - Berlin Christoph Winkler’s second piece for a young audience addresses the same topics of interest that also fuel his choreographic works for adults: the relationship between language and dance, the ways in which everyday movements become dance and the role of diversity in society. details