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Four Non Blondes

16. - 19. May 2024, 20:00 Sophiensaele - Berlin The "Four Non Blondes" project takes an essay by US author Claudia Rankine as an opportunity to explore the phenomenon of "blondness". C. Rankine was asked at a dinner with female university lecturers how they should react when their Black students bleach their hair blonde. She was unable to give a clear answer and began to deal with this topic in the long term. This resulted in an essay about blondness and the ambivalences associated with it.  details

Mapping Environmental Dance 01. - 30. June 2024 4th International Ecoperformance Film Festival - Brazil, Australia, US, Romania, Argentina, and Germany & Online 08. - 09. September 2023 Uferstudio - Berlin 01. - 04. June 2023 Ecoperformance Film Festival - Brazil - ONLINE 29. - 31. May 2023 Climate Crisis / Crisis of Imagination? - L'Art Rue - Tunis 22. - 24. August 2022 Dock 11 Eden***** 18. June 2022 Tanzkongress 2022 - KUZ Kulturzentrum Mainz 29. December 2021 Launch of the Environmental Dance website The aim of Environmental Dance is to make climate change tangible and visible on different levels, using dance, scientific data and personal testimonies from many countries around the world. details