Yasmin Josiah

Yasmin Josiah

Yasmin Josiah, (they/them). Yasmin is a 25 yr East Coast-based Black trans nonbinary independent Filmmaker, Political Artist and Abolitionist. They graduated from the Film Conservatory at SUNY Purchase with a B.F.A in Film in May 2019. They are African American, Antiguan and British. Their dad immigrated to the UK from Antigua while their mom is from Bed Stuy. Yasmin was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in London, UK and has been back and forth their whole life.

Yasmin works to use filmmaking, activism and organizing as tools to blend propaganda with perspective. To amplify voices and works of the liberation movement. Yasmin is dedicated to creating and producing dynamic videos to promote visibility, advocacy, civic and community engagement for the people. As well as creatives + artists across a multitude of fields.

Their drive is to share multifaceted stories and to respond and reflect with socio-political work, through different styles, genres and forms. They work with digital and film in (super 8mm), and across multiple genres of experimental, fiction and nonfiction works.

Yasmin continues to work and move as an independent writer & filmmaker producing their own shorts in alignment with propaganda and perspective.

Yasmin has been living and working on the east coast for seven years now, they are a dual citizen of UK/US.