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Still of the Production Ernest Berk: The Complete Expressionist

A Tanzfonds Erbe Project

2018, Reconstruction

“The Complete Expressionist – A Tanzfonds Erbe Project” looks at the story and legacy of choreographer, electronic music composer, improviser, dance therapist, and pedagogue Ernest Berk in a long-overdue reconstruction of his dance pieces and performances of selected musical compositions in form of live tape concerts.

About the Piece

Ten dancers will perform various pieces spanning Berk’s body of work – accompanied by acclaimed experimental musicians group A and Rashad Becker with Pan Daijing. Listening stations in the HAU2 foyer allow visitors to grasp an even deeper understanding of Berk’s extensive, but largely forgotten musical oeuvre.


Concept/Artistic Director: Christoph Winkler | Co-Curator Music: Jan Rohlf | Music & Choreographies: Ernest Berk | Realisation Dance: Martin Hansen, Emma Daniel, Lois Alexander, Luke Divall, Lisa Rykena, Dana Pajarillaga, Riccardo de Simone, Sarina Egan-Sitinjak, Julia B. Laperrière, Gareth Okan | Complementary Live Music: group A, Rashad Becker, Pan Daijing | Video: Andrea Keiz | Set & Costumes: Valentina Primavera | Production-Dramaturgy: Elena Polzer | Organization: Lilli Maxine Ebert | Academic Advisor: Dr. Patrick Primavesi | Administration: ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture

The Complete Expressionist – A Tanzfonds Erbe Project is a Christoph Winkler and ctm project in collaboration with ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture. Funded by TANZFONDS ERBE – A Federal Cultural Foundation Initiative as well as by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe/ Co-Finance Fund