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2000, Solo, 25 Min., 9 x 9 Meter

about the piece

It has become a search for the “Before” and the “Lost” without forgetting its roots. Occasionally, something is created that resembles a recollection of the dancer’s own body. A long journey for the dancer (she never took any modern/release class) and the choreographer Christoph Winkler, who, although classically trained, distanced himself from the ballet aesthetic after graduation. This has become a very personal piece for both on the basis of an unusual constellation.


F.A.Q. - Tanztage im Pfefferberg - Berlin 2000


Choreography: Christoph Winkler | Dance: Bettina Thiel/1.Soloist of the „Lindenoper Berlin“ | Music: Mark Spybey

Production: Christoph Winkler and Tanzta


“A different piece comes from Berlin. Christoph Winkler forms his understanding of physicality in two fascinating unpretentious solos. In F.A.Q, ballet-like rudimentaries are searched and shed with high precision. - Freie Presse/Chemnitzer Zeitung

„...Christoph Winkler from Berlin choreographed the solo „FAQ“ for prima ballerina Bettina Thiel which drew together abstract movement into a practically poetic whole. He calls his approach “archeologic” - a search for forgotten movements in the body. If anything was missing at the Dance Platform (Tanzplattform) 2002, then it is surely more entries like this one which assign social relevance to dance.” Kölner Stadtanzeiger/Allgäur Zeitung/General Anzeiger

„... or Bettina Thiel, solo dancer from the Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin, who, in the solo choreographed by Christoph Winkler, is impressive as a modern dancer when she takes her movement into the space with long limbs controlled in her lanky way, pulling herself back together, letting body parts collapse or break away – a type of dancing on point but performed on half point. - Tanzdrama,

“In the same way, the solo “FAQ”, choreographed by Christoph Winkler for the dancer Bettina Thiel, is pure contemporary dance. The ballet dancer’s talent proves itself through simple and precise interpretation. Every single gesture obeys the technique in which severity is the main word. It is about researching the body, how metamorphosis can occur with every movement of this rigorous choreography which requires an extreme amount of training and discipline. One is far away from the irony of the french school. Here dance is like a sacred act which is transcended by invocative gestures. A meticulous investigation of the body where free movement suffocates language. It is beautiful and strong.” - Le Renouveau, Tunis