A Beginner’s Guide To Worldbuilding

A Beginner’s Guide To Worldbuilding


about the piece

Science fiction and fantasy are by far the most successful film genres on Netflix & Co. Complex narratives, intricate plots and detailed worlds captivate millions of people. But who actually constructs the storylines, builds the worlds? And how do you keep track of six seasons? There are numerous tools and methods that claim to be able to plan fantasy. They follow an almost mechanistic approach at times.

Using documentary texts, video clips and physical material, the choreographers Lois Alexander and Christoph Winkler examine these strategies – especially the so-called “wounding event”. In the process, the workings of the human imagination lie on the dissecting table and weave themselves anew into a live performance that offers resistance to the mechanical.



Concept: Christoph Winkler | By and with: Lois Alexander | Videodesign: Matthias HärtigGabriella Fiore | Production Manager: Laura Biagioni

Co-production Monologfestival 2021 - TD Berlin