2002, 6 Dancers, 15 Min., 12 x 10 Meter



Choreography: Christoph Winkler | Dance: Florian Bilbao, Lydia Klement, Miriam Kohler, Javier Alemán Morillo, Odile Seitz, Peggy Ziehr | Music: Mathis Mootz

Production: Christoph Winkler and Tanznacht Berlin


Just as Christoph Winkler's new piece presented itself as a problem of thought. His "Statement on the Middle East Conflict" called Jerusalem unites six dancers in anarchistic red-and-black outfits against a velvety blue background in attacking movement figures. This ten-minute dance, which is as restless as it is violent and yet abstract, is introduced with a pompous gong stroke and the statement of each dancer: "I dedicate this dance to Ariel Sharon", or Arafat, to Hamas, the Israeli army, the relatives of the victims and finally "to the city of peace". So much reference to a so-called current topic is otherwise rare - especially since Winkler in Jerusalem radically refuses any further-reaching form of bold expression. Dance, if it takes itself seriously, can only remain dance. But it can very well show its field of reflection. "I have come to terms with the ineffectiveness of art beyond the art space," says Winkler, "but for these 15 minutes I demand an effect.
Frankfurter Rundschau

It is gratifying to see how some have further exhausted their potential – such as Christoph Winkler and Thomas Lehmen, two artists at opposite ends of the aesthetic spectrum. Even if Winkler attempted a political gesture that was a bit too big, he has continued to develop his signature style at the crossroads between form and content.
– Der Tagesspiegel

The workoholic has "offered" around 20 pieces since 1998... Hardly anyone builds such well thought-out, narrative pieces. ... For TanzNacht, he has produced 15 minutes about the Palestinian conflict. Sounds impossible, but that is what makes it so appealing to Winkler.
Zitty (Portrait Ch. Winkler)