2008, 4 Performers, 90 Min

about the piece

For many years now, artists have gone in search of new perspectives and borrowed and sampled from other genres. Artistic strategies are transferred from one field into another. In the space between friction develops, releasing something new and suggesting again new approaches.

For “Posed”, Christoph Winkler is joined by four performers from the fields of contemporary dance, drama, performance art and hip-hop in an attempt to grasp these moments of translation and mutual artistic penetration of art forms.



Performance: Florian Bilbao, Marie-Lydie Nokouda, Jörg Schiebe, Mirko Winkel Concept/Choreography: Christoph Winkler | Costumes: Friederike Donath | Tech: Milos Vujkovic | Production: ehrliche arbeit - freelance office for culture | Press: k3 berlin | Photos & Graphic Design: frischefotos.com

A Christoph Winkler production. Funded by the City of Berlin and supported by Kunsthaus Tacheles and Eliash



"Posed" is not a navel-gazing case of artists thinking about art. Every single spectators is involved in what is happening in the sapce. And the longer you watch the muscular Florian Bilbao moving slowly through the space between seated audience, posing, the more the whisperings of the other dancers transport you into personal spotlight of this playful juggling od expectations and prejudices, sympathy and information. - Zitty The piece plays with the fact that contemporary art is largely just made up of discourse about contemporary art. In other words, simply speaking about the interrelationships of art. (...) In this production Winkler indulges in (...) thinking about dance and choreography as a sequence of decisions and interventions. – Neues Deutschland It simply tells of the beauty of diversity as well as of the possibility of influencing perceptions.
- Berliner Morgenpost