Fan Fic Festival

Fan Fic Festival



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The Fan Fic Festival deals with the phenomenon of fan fiction and attempts to translate its methods and formats into theatrical space. In doing so, it brings together different democraticizing forms of rewriting and continuing popular narratives with the contemporary storytelling strategies used by contemporary theatre and looks at possible intersections. Passion for storytelling meets post-dramatic text skepticism; emotionally charged live art meets the fantasies of people, who call themselves snowhare123 or seablossom.

Originally, fan fiction was a purely online expression of fan culture, but meanwhile, it has grown into one of the broadest participatory writing projects of our present age. Even beyond the actual writing itself, fan fiction encompasses formats of all sorts and sizes. Some reach millions of people, some only a handful. Fantasy worlds are spun into vast universes, as are children’s fiction, porn or sequels for blockbusters.

In nine artistic statements, the festival presents different ways of dealing with fans, fandom and their love of fiction by representatives of the usually story-adverse contemporary performance scene. While the artistic program examines the extent to which strategies of producing fan fiction hold relevance for contemporary performance, the polyphonic fringe program provides space e.g. for contributions by members of the fan fiction scene, as well as for academic observations on the phenomenon.


a. o. with the artistic contribution of Marc Bausback & Daniela Dröscher, Agathe Chion & Nicola Ahr, Locust Fudge, Meat Fiction, Tomas Gonzalez, Das Helmi, Kareth Schaffer & Cathy Walsh, Schröder&Statkus, Robert Ssempijja, Nele Stuhler & Laura Eggert, virtuellestheater, vorschlag:hammer, Paul Wiersbinski & Theater HORA |  Concept: Christoph Winkler | Artistic Direction: Anne Brammen, Tina Pfurr, Daniel Schrader, Christoph Winkler

A production by Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the Senat Department for Cultur and Europe, cross-disciplinary funding.