Lavinias Traum

Lavinias Traum


about the piece

The Berlin Ensemble for Contemporary Music and Noise “Zeitkratzer” commissioned Christoph Winkler to create a new choreography. The prerequisite was that he would only work with music from the ensemble’s repertoire.

Like in his piece “Fatal Attractions”, C. Winkler took motifs from Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” and combined them with the phenomenon of voluntary amputation (Apotemnophilia – love of amputation) which was one of the first phenomena to spread via the Internet and triggered debates about the limitations of body manipulation.



Choreography: C.Winkler | Dance: Peggy Ziehr, Lydia Klement, Miriam Kohler | Musik: Zeitkratzer

Performance Tanzfabrik and Theaterhaus Stuttgart​_


"Based on excerpts from Shakespeare’s drama "Titus Andronicus", Winkler addresses the issue of the integrity of the human body. Dancer Miriam Kohler’s performance of Lavinia's monologue and dream is a brilliant acting achievement. Her speech about dismembering the body is dramatic at first and then entirely succinct. This ambivalence of horror and fascination is also transported by the video images.” - Kulturmagazin

"That conceptual art was assigned the subordinate role of sideshow next to Christoph Winkler's magnificent choreography on the subject of physical integrity and mutilation. Miriam Kohler, Peggy Ziehr and Lydia Klement were not only convincing dancers, but many an actor could learn quite a bit from their recitations of Shakespeare.” Stuttgarter Nachrichten