Eine Geschichte (A Story)

Eine Geschichte (A Story)


about the piece

Thus we operate with a provisional version of reality, with probability. Every image that we use is therefore simultaneously both real and probably real, as each individual image can never do more than testify to a limited perspective. Mass production of images therefore not only leads to an exponentiation of the real, but above all burdens us with awareness for the limitations of their creation. All these aspects must be taken into consideration if we want to grasp the real. However, because it is beyond the ability of any one person to do so, the real can only come effect if not thought about.

This is exactly the paradox explored by the piece “Eine Geschichte” (A Story). In a performance narrative of images, the actors question the relationship between photo and text and try to understand what we really should be paying attention to, if we don’t know whether the next image will be the last.



By: Jörg Schiebe, Mirko Winkel and Christoph Winkler | 
Production Management: ehrliche arbeit - freelance office for culture

A Christoph Winkler production in co-operation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the City of Berlin. Supported by Eliash.



"... the way Winkler and his two performers let the text and image levels subtly point past each other [...] leads to the elusive but ever growing suspicion that behind this apparently harmless story hides another, not at all harmless story. This produces an enormous tension that does not collapse until the surprisingly uneventful, very successful ending." - Kultiversum