Firebird Project Solo one

Firebird Project Solo one

1999, Solo

about the piece

The Firebird Project references the figure of the firebird from the eponymous ballet by I. Stravinsky. Three different solos attempt to open up different perspectives or allows for alternative interpretations of this figure.



Choreography: C. Winkler | Dance:Peggy Ziehr


“Solo 1 for Peggy Ziehr is the first component of his "Firebird Project". For Ziehr, he has used a foreign dynamic to extract elements from the classical canon of dance figures and then let them crash out of traditional forms into completely different body images. Four days after the premiere, they are back in the studio, honing the sharp edges of the infractions. Instead of evoking the fluttering of the firebird's wings, Ziehr’s jerky corkscrew motions are reminiscent of a propeller illuminated by red light. This is not seduction, but deconstruction.". Taz