Stumbling in the HighTechPool

Stumbling in the HighTechPool


about the piece

Stumbling in the HighTechPool was an improvised jam session that brought together dancers from the independent scene, musicologists, software specialists and DJ’s to combine new, interactive music tools with dance. The group experimented with a new type of data glove, which could manipulate sounds through movement. The software “Supercollider” allowed the control of such audio interfaces. Additional musical input came from DJ Moonraker. Furthermore, the dancers also had possibilities of their own to trigger sounds.




Concept: Winkler in Zusammenarbeit with Aiguphonie Soundesign, dem Staatlichen Institut für Musikforschung | Dance: Dan Pelleg, Ingo Reulecke, Britta Schönbrunn, Gundula Peuther | DJ: DJ Moonraker (Digital Hardcore Recordings) | Sounds und Datenhandschuh: Iannis Zannos | Software: James McCarthy (Supercollider) | Audiodesign: Martin Carlé und Falko Ewald

The performance took place in the disused teaching pool of the grammar school in the Straussberger Strasse in Berlin.



"Stumbling in the HighTechPool" is a veritable nightmare in which sound floods the bodies of the dancers, bringing them to life little by little and making them slide along the walls of the pool as if almost boneless. Undead souls, who have been living here at the very least since the 1950s. Spiritual relatives of the eternal hotel inhabitants from "Shining" on their own very special kind of sound expedition riding on the waves of asynchronous electronic sounds - unusual, exciting, absolutely logical in terms of the mixt and of course: very, very strange." Berliner Zeitung