about the piece

All compositions were written for a mechanical piano and delve deeply into its possibilities. Some passages are too complex to be played by humans.

Nevertheless, the music reference genres such as boogie-woogie and jazz.

The choreography tries to combine the music’s partially mechanical approach with idiosyncratic dance language.



Choreography: C. Winkler | Dance:Peggy Ziehr

Production: Christoph Winkler


In his ‘Studies’ on the music of Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow, the still very young and largely unknown Christoph Winkler has choreographed an outstanding and simple solo for Peggy Ziehr, which is completely focused on movement. Casual, almost accidental and yet at the same time dense and highly concentrated, never claiming to be more than an experimental set-up and yet still compelling". Berliner Zeitung

"To the almost mechanical music of Mexican composer Conlon Nancarrow, the superb Peggy Ziehr dances fragmented dance sequences. In "Studies", Christoph Winkler has successfully created a solo that is just as focused in that way that reveals itself to the audience, as is the audience is watching it". SFB Galerie des Theaters