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“From now on all styles, characters, faces and bodies are on offer: dance itself. All those interested can choose according to their likings and personal criteria, free from artistic contexts. Dance is thereby freed from artistic practice. Anyone can choose freely whatever their taste in dance, be it Hip Hop, Release, New Style, Contact, Experimental or Improvisation. The range is as diverse as there are combinations. Dance as work, dance commodified through work.”

The project “Berlin Gogos” was a reaction to the economic situation of dancers in the field of free, artistic dance. Dance usually takes there the form of a stage production.Any further restaging depends on the successful marketing of this event and involves a system of curators, producers and festival agents who decide decisively on the value of the dance.What is negotiated there, however, is not necessarily the dance itself but contexts, narratives and aesthetics. Indeed, these obscure the fact that it is a market like any other. The dancers, however, are the ones who support this market but profit least from it. Berlin Gogo was therefore founded as a platform on which the dancers could market themselves. Directly and without detours, the agency offered dance in its simplest form: animated dancing, and thus tried to expose the economy of the dance market. This act was a liberation for many dancers, as they could determine their own value and bring their own dance directly to the customers. The dancers were free to decide with which dance or which dance aesthetic they wanted to address the customers. The demand was huge. Theatres, festivals or companies came and chose from the agency’s offer the contemporary dance that suited them best. There were large group choreographies such as for the German band “Die Ärzte”, flash mobs for dance festivals, fundraisers or private dance sessions as birthday presents. Often dancers with the most diverse backgrounds and training came together and so the gogo sessions also became a plea for the diversity of dance.



Concept, Choreography: Christoph Winkler | By and with: Anna-Luise Recke, Christine Joy Alpuertoritter, Dennis Dietrich, Florian Bilbao, Martin Hansen, Mercedes del Rosarioappugliese, Robert Segner, Eugene U-gin Boateng, Zufit Simon, Clint Lutes