What If

What If


about the piece

The starting point for this work was a short text by the American author Claudia Rankine, taken from her book “Just Us”. C. Rankine has become known for her precise observations of everyday racism in the U.S. She focuses on what she calls “micro-aggressions” – a very subtle racism that never becomes loud but is deeply rooted in the thinking and feeling of large parts of the American population.
For this video work, we have transposed the written text into a spoken-word performance, combining it with gestures, movements and the music of Darian Thomas.
The performance takes place in a monochrome space to increase concentration on the performer. The 3D graphics by Ukrainian artist Nadya Plyamko translate the content and mood of the words into visual associations.
This work is the first production of the company employing the Motion Capture technique.



Concept: Christoph Winkler | Performance: Lois Alexander | Text: Claudia Rankine | Music: Darian Thomas | 3D direction: Alessandra Leone | 3D design and modelling: Nadya Plyamko | MoCap recording: Matthias Härtwig | Camera: Kimani Schumann | Light: Fabian Eichner | Costume: Sara Seini | Hair and make-up styling: Sara Grötsch Hoyos | Editing: Alessandra Leone | Co-editing: Alex Smetana | Post production coloring: Gabriella Fiore | Post production audio: Paolo Pizzuto | Production management: Laura Biagioni

Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme NEUSTART KULTUR,
[support programme DIS-TANZEN/ tanz:digital/ DIS-TANZ-START] of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and with funds from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.