Boogie Papeda

Boogie Papeda

Serraimere Boogie Yason Koirewoa, a.k.a. Boogie Papeda, was born in Sorong, West Papua. He was raised in a very traditional Papuan family. His father has a traditional Papuan dance studio named Serra which means “wise” and his mother is a traditional dancer.

Before he went to college, Boogie was already very active in Papua´s dance scene. He was involved in the communities and dance groups as well as in organizations such as ANKER Big Family, Papua Dance Family in Sorong, Artist Community in Sorong and Iriani Community in Jayapura.

After graduating from school, Boogie became a student of the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ). He earned a Bachelor of Performing Arts. In 2017 Boogie managed to gain his Master of Arts at Jakarta Arts Institute, Department of Urban Arts and Cultural Studies.

Besides his studies, he is also engaged in creating art works and collaborating with several well-known directors, artists, composers, and choreographers both from the local and international scene, including Professor Sardono W Kusumo (Mas Don), Eko Suprianto (Eko PC), Garin Nugroho, Hartati (Uni Tati), Jecko Siompo, Iwan Falz, Guru Sukarno Putra (Mas Guntur), Christine Joy Alpuerto Ritter and others. Boogie is also active in the hip-hop street communities called Street Pass and Noken Lab in Jakarta.

Boogie is involved in several collaborations with the local communities, aiming at further developments of regional, national and international dances.